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03 martie 2009

Dr. Marius Ioan Piso, directorul Agentiei Spatiale Romane, este invitat la competitivitate LIVE! la 11,30. Urmariti transmisiunea aici. Asteptam intrebari fie sub forma de postare in zona dedicata din partea de jos a paginii, fie pe adresa:

Fabrica de Bani a publicat mai multe materiale si inregistrari de la un eveniment al anului 2008, organizat de agentia Spatiala Romana – reuniunea GEO (vezi GEO-V la Bucuresti , Instrumente de monitorizare a Pamantului, Oportunitati pentru business din GEO ). 

Despre Marius Ioan Piso, din site-ul ROSA (Agentia Spatiala Romana): 

Date of birth: January 7, 1954
Present position:
• Chief Executive Officer, Romanian Space Agency (1993 - p)
• Head of the Gravitational Researches Laboratory - Institute of Atomic Physics Bucharest (1988 - p), Senior research scientist

• Office: Romanian Space Agency:
Str. Mendeleev 21-25, 70168 Bucharest, phone 1-650-42-22 fax: 1-312-88-04 e-mail

• 1990-1994 Doctor in Theoretical Physics, University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Jassy, title of thesis: Contributions to space-time structures with applications in quantum field theories, scientific advisor: prof. Ioan Gottlieb.
• 1998 Graduate of the National Defence College, title of the dissertation Contributions to the Role of Space Science, Technology and Policy in Enhancing Global and Regional Security
• 1996 Course in Business Management, Romanian-French Institute for Business Management
• 1987-1988 Diploma in Industrial Property, ICPE-MIEt Bucharest
• 1977-1982 Diploma in Physics, University "Babe?-Bolyai" Cluj-Napoca, Romania, diploma work title: Gravitational Radiation, scientific advisor: prof. Zoltan Gabos.

• 1998 - p Minister Counselor, Ministry of Research and Technology
• 1993 . p Chief Executive Officer (1993. 1996) Executive Secretary) of the Romanian Space Agency
• 1998 - p Member of the Advisory Board for Research, Development and Innovation - Romania
• 1999 - p Vicepresident of the Council on Aeronautics and Space of the National Advisory Board for Research, Development and Innovation
• 1994 - 1998 General Secretary of the Scientific Council No. 17 Aeronautics and Space of the Government Advisory Council for Research and Development, Ministry of Research and Technology , Romania
• 1993 Local consultant for research and education, World Bank, Bucharest
• 1990 - p Senior Scientist, Head of the Gravitational Researches Laboratory, Institute of Gravitation and Space Science - Institute of Atomic Physics Bucharest.
• 1983 - 1990 Research scientist, Principal Investigator, Head (1988) of the Inertial and Gravitational Division - Res. Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICPE) Bucharest.

Professional membership:
• Romanian Society of Gravitation and General Relativity - founding member (1990), vice-president (1996 - p);
• International Electrotechnical Commission - member of SC 27 (1990);
• Russian Gravitational Society (1992);
• New York Academy of Sciences (1995);
• European Acoustical Society (1994 - p), American Mathematical Society (1996 - p), COSPAR - Committee on Space Research (ICSU) - member of C, D, F Subcommissions (1994 - p);
• Member in the Working Group for the Agreement of Cooperation between the European Space Agency and Romania (Romanian Law no. 40/1993) (1994 . p);
• Secretary of the National COSPAR Committee (1994 - p);
• National Coordinator of the Working Group for the Network of Space Research and Education Centres for Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe(UN -COPUOS)-(1996- p);
• National Representative to UN-COPUOS (since 1995), Head of the Delegation of Romania, 1995 and 1997);
• National Representative for the Cooperation between the European Space Agency and the Government of Romania (1999)

Multidisciplinary training. Experience in space activities management. Experience in information management (hardware and software). Experience in executive management. Scientific specialization in two main fields: a) gravitational physics and astrophysics and b) magnetic liquids applications, in particular to inertial sensors and guidance systems. Author/coauthor of 17 patents on inertial sensors and magnetofluidic composite materials. Original research in simplicial space-time structures. More than 25 research projects accomplished. More than 110 publications/communications. Citations in journals and monographs. Cited by the American Biographical Institute (edition 1997). Member of Rotary International and other organizatios. Organizer of several Conferences. Member in the Organizing Committee of several international conferences: International Annual Conference on Gravitation and General Relativity in Romania (1990 - 1998), 3rd International Workshop on Magnetic Fluids and Applications (Romanian Academy and European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Timisoara,1996), 8th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (Magnetic Fluids International Steering Committee, Timisoara, 1998).
List of scientific publications and patents

Mail to:
Activities related to the United Nations Organization
• Local consultant for research and education, World Bank, Bucharest
• Project manager for the technical study . UN Regional Centres for Education in Space Science and Technology. . Ministry of Research and Technology
• Appointed as Secretary of the International Council of Scientific Unions - Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) National Committee
• Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) . Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (STS) (February) Head of the Delegation of Romania
• COPUOS (June) Head of the Delegation of Romania
• COPUOS . STS (February) Representative
• COPUOS (June) Representative
• UN/COSPAR Workshop on Space Education (Birmingham), author of two presentations
• Appointed to the UN (by Memorandum of the Government of Romania) as National Coordinator for Space Affairs (August)
• UN . Office of Outer Space Affairs (OOSA). National Representative for the Meeting of Experts on Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe Space Network (November)
• COPUOS . STS (February) Head of the Delegation of Romania
• Author of a technical presentation in COPUOS - STS
• UN . OOSA Representative for the Meeting of Experts on Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe Space Network (January)
• COPUOS (June) Head of the Delegation of Romania
• Participation to the UN/ESA Workshop on Space and Industry (Graz, October)

• COPUOS . STS (February) Representative
• Appointed to the UN (by Memorandum of the Government of Romania) as National Coordinator for the UNISPACE III Conference (April)
• COPUOS (June) Representative
• UN . OOSA (November) Meeting with OOSA for the organization of the UNISPACE Preparatory Meeting in Romania

• Organizer, as National Coordinator, of the United Nations UNISPACE III Regional Preparatory Conference for Eastern Europe (January)
• COPUOS - STS (February)
• COPUOS - Legal Subcommittee (March)
• COPUOS - Plenum - Head of the Delegation of Romania (July)
• UNISPACE III - Deputy Head of the Delegation of Romania (July)

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